Message from Cascade Sports President Carlos Nelson Sr. All My Black High School Athletes Especially The Top 50 Black Athletes In The Nation

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This is to all of my high school black athletes especially the top 50 Black athletes in the nation I urge you to take a look at attending an HBCU. You must remember you are the product you have the ability to change the narrative and the landscape of college sports LeBron James when he came out the establishment said to him LeBron you need this type of manager or you need that type of agent LeBron said this is going to be my manager/agent I grew up with him I am the product you can’t dictate to me who manages me and what team I go to because wherever I go that team shoe companies/ESPN the owners of the team is going to make money off of me. The message especially to you one done athletes you have a chance to make history quite a few top high school recruited athletes have already stated over the last week that they’re looking at going to HBCUs that will make a big difference to those programs which have been undermined by these larger colleges and universities you’re bringing 200,000,000 to 300,000,000 to those universities wherever you go if you’re in that top 25 categories you are making a difference in the financial contribution that the shoe companies/TV station/ESPN along with The other entities that would like to be a part of your world. You athletes are the wave of the future you must choose wisely not only to benefit you and your family also how it can benefit your community. This is for the other black athletes that are not of that caliber you also have a role to play with HBCUs because they have Division I Division II NAIA division lll and independent conferences In the past these large universities did not let blacks participate in sports and the only outlet Back athletes had was to attend an HBCU. I am asking you athletes to come home support the universities that have supported your forefathers in the past it’s a matter of economics with your help HBCUs will have the top players in the country and then all eyes will be on HBCU’s Again. I urge you, black athletes, to choose the universities that you attend very closely when you go to an HBCU you don’t have to fit in the people that attend those universities to look just like you come from the same backgrounds and you get a real sense of family I am ending this with when you invest in your community you’re really just investing in your self. Carlos Nelson Sr.