Interview With PlayBook Expert Reggie Harris Professional Sports Executive

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Reggie Harris is a professional sports executive and business consultant. Born in the small town of Gifford, Florida, before ultimately moving to the suburbs of Kansas City, Reggie had the desire to work in sports at a young age. Although Reggie wasn’t blessed with the gifts to be an elite athlete, he decided he would find a way to be part of the game by using his existing skills and talents to serve the business side of sports. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, Reggie’s career began as a business consultant. Fresh out of college, he began working at both Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young in their Entrepreneurial Consulting Groups. Working for those two firms provided critical insights into the business that proved invaluable when making the jump into sports. Since joining the sports industry full-time in 2000, Reggie has been able to graduate from agent to business advisor, before eventually becoming the General Manager of multiple professional teams in Arena/Indoor Football. Reggie has launched Playbook Expert as a vehicle to begin sharing the experiences he’s gained throughout the years. He believes a personal playbook is an essential tool for achieving your goals and living your dreams.