Interview with New York high school Benjamin Cardoza Basketball coach Ron Naclerio

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Ron Naclerio is a renowned figure in the world of basketball coaching. He has been coaching at Benjamin Cardozo High School for over four decades Naclerio started his coaching career in 1981, and over the years, he has become the winning coach in the Public Schools Athletic League
Before his coaching career, Naclerio was a baseball star at St. John’s University and even spent three years in the Chicago White Sox Farm System1. Despite his initial focus on baseball, his transition to basketball coaching has been remarkably successful. In his first season as a basketball coach, he had a challenging start with a 1-21 record. However, he quickly turned things around in his second year with a 21-4 record.
Naclerio’s coaching has not only led to numerous victories but also helped many players advance their careers. He has sent more than 80 players to Division I programs, and three of his players, Royal Ivey, Duane Causwell, and Rafer Alston, have made it to the NBA3.
In addition to his coaching duties, Naclerio is also an author. He co-wrote “Swee’Pea and Other Playground Legends: Tales of Drugs, Violence and Basketball” with John Valenti
Naclerio’s dedication to the sport and his players, combined with his winning record, makes him a true legend in New York City basketball