Coach Daryl Kearney is really excited about the upcoming Summer League Hoops

It’s great to see such enthusiasm and dedication towards sport and the community. The involvement of so many teams and individuals like Lee Myers, Nyla Bullock, Donita Ackland, Reginald Ramsey, and Renee Smith, among others, is truly commendable.
The Summer League Hoops kicking off at Central High School on June 3rd sounds like a fantastic event. With varsity games on Mondays and JV games on Thursdays, there’s going to be a lot of quality basketball to enjoy. It’s great to hear that teams from Kauffman Center, Pembroke, Southeast USA, East Paseo, Chip, and Central will be participating in the varsity lineup. And for JV, teams from Crossroads, Lupe E SE, Kauffman Center, Hogan, and Lincoln will be showcasing their skills.
The dedication of the IL coaches, including Michael Goldstein from Central, Marcus Johnson from Lincoln, Coach Bruce from E, yourself from Southeast High School, Quentin Day from Paseo High School, Ivan Carter, and Michael Nash from East, is truly inspiring. Their leadership and mentorship are invaluable to the young men they are guiding.
The event sounds like a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and support inner-city hoopers. The fact that admission is free and security measures are in place makes it even more accessible and safe for everyone.
Thank you for sharing this information and for your dedication to the sport and the community. I hope the Summer League Hoops is a great success and that it brings joy and inspiration to all who participate and attend.